Velkomin í Nuts Pups

We are based with our rough Collies in Egilsstaðir, East Iceland.

Our Dogs

Here you can find our breeding dogs.




What breeds do we have at NutsPups?

We breed Rough Collies amd hopefully in future Chihuahuas aswell.

How to apply as a candidate for breeding?

You contact us and introduce us to your dogs and you as a breeder, so we can decide together if we are a Match. Send us information about the health of your dog, the pedigree and pictures. You of course can get all of our health and pedigree information aswell.


Our dogs are healthy and happy. We have performed DNA Tests on all of our dogs as well as all the necessary physical examinations (I.e. hips and eyes).

How does it work if its a match?

You send us your dog to Egilsstaðir for a few days to a week during their heat cycle and if all goes according to plan you come back with a pregnant dog.


Why "NutsPups"?

Our Dogs are named after nuts. It started out in March 2021 with our female "Kastanía (Chestnut) and then our male "Cashew". We plan on having more little "nuts" in future. 

Also we are absolute NUTS about our dogs. ­čśé


One week with us and successful pregnancy would be 300.000 isk or first pick from the litter.

That includes food and pick up at the Egilsstaðir Airport if necessary. 



Egilsstaðir, East Iceland

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